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Basic Installation





This is the installation price for a goal with a 72” backboard.


This is the installation price for a goal with a 54" & 60” size backboards.

Removal of dirt from property


Basketball Goals Atlanta.com prefers to spread the dirt around your yard or an acceptable nearby location which eliminates the need for this additional charge.

Relocating sprinkler system lines


If we run into a sprinkler system line that has to be relocated/rerouted we will notify you immediately to allow you to arrange for the repair or rerouting of the lines.

Extra equipment needed -- Rock Clause (1)

$95 - $195

If we run into rock, roots, or other obstructions when digging the hole which would require additional equipment (ie. jack hammer, etc.), an additional charge will apply.

Cutting through concrete


If placing your goal in an existing concrete surface (ie. driveway, tennis court, patio, etc.), this charge would apply.





On a typical installation Basketball Goals Atlanta.com can initially come out to view the area where the home owner would like the goal installed. If any concerns or issues arise, Basketball Goals Atlanta.com will discuss them with the home owner. Basketball Goals Atlanta .com will give the home owner the estimated cost of installing the goal. The local Georgia utility marking service will be contacted by Basketball Goals Atlanta .com and a request submitted to mark the utilities in the area where the goal will be installed. They require at least 2 working days notice to get the utilities marked. The anchor system work will be scheduled, and the anchor system will be installed after they have had the proper time to mark for the utilities in the area the hoop anchor is to be installed. The concrete will be given about a week to cure. Then the basketball hoop will be installed.


Also, their sometimes can be extra charges if we run into rocks, or roots that require additional time, and tools to remove them. We would let you know first before proceeding. Please find the rock clause info below (1), along with our normal installation, and disclaimer information. You may choose to have "others" (2) install the anchor system and/or the basketball goal for you. Please refer to the "others" paragraph below for additional information if you choose this option.





(1) Rock Clause: If, while digging the hole for the anchor system, rocks, roots or any other obstruction is encountered, or if the dirt requires additional labor time to remove, the customer can expect additional charges for any additional time and equipment needed. If any unexpected costs come up you will be notified before proceeding forward.




Additional Disclaimers NOTICE: 


(2) “Others” can be the customer or any contractor. It is suggested that customers utilize qualified installers.

NOTICE: Basketball Goals Atlanta.com does not approve any construction or installation work. Basketball Goals Atlanta.com assumes no responsibility, or liability for work performed by others.  It is suggested customers utilize qualified installers. Customer, or there contractor must contact the utility marking service in Georgia by dialing 811 on any phone to have the utilities marked for proper utility location prior to digging. Basketball Goals Atlanta.com will take care of calling in the utilities markings only if hired to perform the installation of your hoop anchor. Customer or your contractor is responsible for any permits and easements. The customer is responsible to have any utilities moved if determined to need moved for proper goal installation.  (i.e. power lines, water lines, sprinkler lines, gas lines, phone lines, cable lines, communication lines, etc.)  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



The "Dirty" work is where it all begins.


 The Hoop can be installed in about 5 to 7 days after the anchor

system is installed, depending on the weather conditions.


  Digging started for the new Hoop Hopefully we don't hit this many rocks.

  (Most the time we don't hit a lot of rocks)



  Deep holes dug to the manufactures specifications 




  Concretre and re-bar (steel bars) go in to the dug hole and then the anchor is set

 It will then be ready for the hoop to be installed to the Hoop Mfg. Specs. in 5 to 7 days











































We have many years of experience selling and installing basketball goals in the Atlanta, Georgia area:


Suwanee,Ga., Duluth, Ga., Alpharetta, Ga., Cumming, Ga., Sandy Springs, Ga., Buford, Ga.,

 Marietta, Ga., Lawrenceville, Ga., Snellville, Ga.